Strings are oscillators too. Add sophisticated string vibration control, an onboard Moog filter (with CV input) and some great guitar tech, and you’ve got a uniquely expressive electronic instrument.

Let’s explore some textures…

The Moog Guitar, Moogerfooger Effects Processors and the MP-201 Multi-Pedal combine to make a powerful guitar-based production and performance system. This video shows just a few of the infinite possibilities with this set-up.
A quick look at some of the many possibilities when using an Eventide H9 with the Moog Guitar. Additional echo and other delay effects from Ableton Live Suite.
More explorations of the many textures possible when processing the Moog Guitar with an Eventide H9, Ableton Live Suite Effects and a Moog Ring Mod or MuRF.
Moog Guitar processed only by the effects in Ableton Live Suite, primarily the Grain Delay. Background is constructed with Korg Wavestation VST, Yamaha MO8 and Korg MicroX.
A quick example of some of the possibilities when processing The Moog Guitar with the granular synthesis iPad app, csGrain.

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