A DSI Pro 2 plays a sequence and sends two independent clock-synced CV step sequences to the Sub 37. One modulated the 37’s filter cutoff and the other (via CV Mapping) controls its Osc 2 frequency. The Sub 37 is processed by an Eventide H9, using the Vintage Delay algorithm.

Some first experiments with sequencing MIDI CC values with the Koushion iPad app. New features in ver 4.0 allowed me to control multiple CC parameters simultaneously while also sequencing notes.

In this example I’m using Ableton as a master clock, to provide beats and to route the MIDI data from Koushion to the Moog synths (Little Phatty & Slim Phatty) and a (clock synced) Line 6 Echo Pro. The heart of the timbres I’m using here come from sequencing (on both synths) Osc 2 frequency on an oscillator sync patch, and filter envelope decay.

I’m also sequencing Envelope Generator amount on the Slim Phatty for some additional variation. This just scratches the surface of everything you can do with this setup. The Moog synths were great to use for this since you can also see the CC sequencing in action.

A quick and ragged spin on a Moog Sub 37. It sounds great, and sounds really, really great run through an H9, and really, really, really great paired with a Pro 2.
Our first attempt at using a Moog Little Phatty synthesizer to control (via control voltages) the Scanimate, an analog video graphics computer. Learn more at
Another quick Moog Sub 37/Eventide H9/DSI Pro 2 combo, this time with the Borderlands app in the background. Also this time, sending a MIDI clock synced S&H LFO from the Pro 2 to modulate the Sub 37 filter cutoff. Kind of subtle, but it adds a nice extra bit of rhythm to what is otherwise a pretty floaty piece. The multi-tap delay on the H9 is also synced to the same clock. Really enjoying the “Stryngth” preset on the 37.
An exploration of non-Western tunings with the Moog Little Phatty. In this example, the Arabic scale, Maqaam Husayni is given a workout.
Using the Koushion iPad app and Moog Multi-Pedal to step-sequence the filter cutoff on a Moog Sub Phatty run through a Moog MF-104M Analog Delay.

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