Part effects pedal.part synthesizer module. They sound great and have a million uses. Here are a few…

This is a promo video for a workshop I gave for the Bob Moog Foundation. An example of using the MF-102 Ring Modulator in low frequency mode. Plus a lot of other fun stuff…

More ring mod with Kevin Spears on kalimba.
My nephew, Vincent Crow take some Moog Minifoogers for a spin.
Since they both have a healthy amount of Control Voltage connectivity, it is easy to use the oscillator in a Moog FreqBox as a 2nd oscillator on an Arturia MicroBrute. It is also possible to mute the MicroBrute oscillator and just use the FreqBox oscillator. Things really take off when the Freqbox effect and the sequencer are engaged.
Using the Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 Control Voltage outputs to control some Moog Moogerfooger effects pedals. The Ring Mod is being modulated by a step sequence and slow ramp wave added together.

The Low Pass filter is being modulated by a different track in the step sequence. The analog delay is not being modulated. Everything is tempo synced including the Pro 2 arpeggio and the rhythm from Ableton.

The first ExperimentalSynth video from back in January 2011! – Using two Moog MF-102 Ring Modulators, it’s easy to create stereo ring modulation effects. The MF-102’s (and all Moogerfoogers) extensive control voltage capabilities make a number of sophisticated setups possible. – Read more [here on CreateDigitalMusic]

Many more videos are available on the ExperimentalSynth YouTube Channel.
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