There are so many things you can do with this synth, and it all sounds fantastic!

Here I controlled a K2000 with a Moog Voyager via MIDI. Ran the K2000 audio into the Voyager’s ext audio input, mixing it with the Voyager’s oscillators. Played the result through an H9 over a Pro 2 sequence while the Pro 2 sent step sequence CVs to modulate the Voyager’s filter cutoff.

…and a couple more that just showcase the Voyager’s beautiful sound. The Moog Voyager’s Clean Machine preset recreates that classic Pink Floyd sound, and here I take a quick look at a way to take it farther…
I was having such a great time playing around with the setup shown in this video that I decided to record it, if for no other reason than to document it for myself.

The Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 is at the heart of this system, creating an ambient bell-ish arpeggio, and also syncing all the tempos through MIDI and clock-synced LFO Control Voltages. Because of this all the filter modulations, arpeggios and echoes are easily synced to the master clock.

The Moog Voyager/H9 combination proved nicely lush and the MicroBrute’s healthy CV capabilities (for a synth its size and price) made a lot of fun things possible. Even when the Pro 2 is just arpeggiating, its dual position and pressure sensitive ribbons make it easy to tweak sounds. The Animmoog and Borderlands apps were handy for filling in a few textural cracks.

A pair of my early Voyager videos (circa 2011-12) – Demonstration using the Moog MF-102 Ring Modulator as an extra “atonal” oscillator for the Moog Voyager…. Plus, ever wonder what a 9 oscillator, 5 filter Moog synth would sound like? Yeah, me too, so I MIDIed a Taurus 3, Voyager, Little Phatty and Slim Phatty together.
Another oldie… I resurrected a bit of old footage of a very fun synthesizer combination :: Combining a Moog Voyager with Animoog to make a “quasi-polyphonic” Voyager. This is a collage of possibilities.
Minitaur and Voyager sequenced by the Koushion app. The Pro 2 sequencer synced to Koushion. Control Voltages from the Pro 2 modulating filter cutoff and other parameters on the Minitaur and Voyager. Effects processing by an Eventide H9 and Line 6 Echo Pro.
An improvisation for Moog Voyager, DSI Pro 2, Yamaha MO8 and Eventide H9. The Voyager’s filter cutoff is modulated by a very slow (but clock-synced), low duty cycle pulse wave LFO. This popping of the filter is picked up and processed nicely by the H9. Background sequence is mostly the DSI Pro 2, with additional sounds from the Yamaha MO8. Just a bit of goofing around…
Combine a LittleBits Micro Sequencer, CV and Power module and you have a fun, low cost CV Step Sequencer. It can be used with LittleBits equipment, or can enhance other CV synth systems. Here are a few examples of the possibilities when used with a Moog voyager and CP-251 Control Voltage Processor.

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