I can’t sing at all. I think that’s one of the reasons I love vocal processing. The processing here is done primarily with the Eventide H9 and TC-Helicon Voiceworks.

A vocal improvisation with TC Helicon Voiceworks, Eventide H9, Line 6 Echo Pro. The only audio source is my voice.

Pia Ercole & King Britt Visit The Studio

I had a blast giving Pia her first introduction to intelligent harmonizers.

Further adventures in vocal processing using the TC Helicon Voiceworks and the iVoxel vocoder iPad app.
Vocal processing experimentation. Two mics, two different processors simultaneously. TC Helicon Voiceworks and the Virsyn HarmonyVoice app. With the Voiceworks, I am playing the autotune with a MIDI keyboard.
In this video I use a TC-Helicon VoiceWorks, VirSyn HarmonyVoice app, Ableton Live and abunch of Moog and other synth gear to create an interesting vocal performance environment. Analog Control Voltage step sequencing created by Ableton Live and a Moog Multi-Pedal add an interesting rhythmic dimension.
Extra footage from a previous video…

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