The Vo-96 Acoustic Synth is an innovation from Paul Vo, the inventor of technology behind The Moog Guitar. It opens a new method of musical expression called Acoustic Synthesis. I was the marketing director for the Vo-96 Kickstarter campaign. We surpassed the $50,000 goal and were funded at $120,000.

In this video, Will Rayan and Vincent Crow of The Electric Jazz Project try it out for the first time. When originally posted this video took off like crazy, racking up ~100,000 views in a week!

Here we have both odd and even harmonics modulated with an undulating, recycling series of timbres using mostly the warmer lower order harmonics. Tyler has the Vo-96 demo guitar tuned to a nice open chord, and the Vo-96 is not set to infinite sustain but to a very long slowly fading note duration.

The open strings drone an undulating progression of timbres produced by this setting and Tyler’s open tuning makes a rich background drone that harmonizes perfectly with the melody of the piece.

Al Petteway, Richard Smith and Vincent Crow experience the Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer for the first time.
An example of just some of the many possibilities when running a Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer through an Eventide H9 effects processor.
Paul shows us some quick examples of Harmonic Arpeggiation and Random Harmonic Motion on the Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer.

Many more videos are available on the ExperimentalSynth YouTube Channel.
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