1,000,000 Views on YouTube

Just passed the 1,000,000 views mark!  Thanks to all of you who watch.

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Join us June 9-11, 2016 in Asheville, NC for ContinuuCon, the first ever Haken Continuum conference. We will celebrate this uniquely expressive musical instrument with concerts, workshops, lectures and more. The natural beauty of the Asheville area combines with its deep heritage of surprisingly advanced musical thought (once home to musical luminaries such as Bela Bartok and Bob Moog) to provide the perfect location for this conference. [learn more]


I just released/reissued an album of old/new improvisations for piano and synth. [learn more]

The Eaton-Moog Multi Touch Sensitive Keyboard

Bob Moog MTS schematic
In addition to my time as Marketing Manager at Moog Music, I also did some printed circuit board design work for Bob back in the 90s. The Eaton-Moog Multi-Touch Sensitive Keyboard is the main project on which I worked. [read more]

Internet Radio Performance Recording

Recently played an atmospheric live internet radio set with Greg Waltzer.  Here's a recording.


Asheville Ambient Live-Internet Radio Performance with Greg Waltzer by Chris Stack on Mixcloud

Recent Videos

I've been experimenting with using these techniques in my music composition workflow. Here's a quick experiment in recording something similar to the above in Logic, breaking it into loops and adding additional sounds (Alchemy etc) and effects.

I recently rediscovered a video I shot in 1991, said by some theremin experts to be the best recording of Bob Moog playing a theremin that is currently known.

More DSI Pro 2 (and Prophet 12) videos [Here]

More Koushion videos [Here]

More littleBits videos [Here]
ExperimentalSynth littleBits article on CreateDigitalMusic [Here]

In Performance

It can’t all be experimentation. Sometimes you have to get out of the lab. I’m very happy to relate that music resulting from my recent collaboration with Alina Quu was used in a performance by Lindsey Kelley Dance. The event was a huge success. Sold out both nights.

excerpt from eidetic

choreography by Janice Lancaster Larsen

LINDSEY KELLEY DANCE - performed by Amy Borskey, Lindsey Kelley Brewer, Kala Hildebrand, Alexis Miller - at the Masonic Temple, Asheville, NC March 20, 2015

music by Alina Quu and Chris Stack


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