New Music: Xenography

It can’t all be about experimentation. Every once in a while you have to leave the lab and put it into practice.

“…an album of inspired soundscapes. Feel free to stream it first if you have any doubts. Rest assured that mere seconds into the first track, you will know that you are in capable hands.” - Ted Stahl

On “Xenography” a vast array of synthesizers, piano, nylon string guitar, Moog Guitar, shakuhachi and voices pure and processed, come together to create a soundtrack for travels to oblique destinations.

New Videos

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In Performance

It can’t all be experimentation. Sometimes you have to get out of the lab. I’m very happy to relate that music resulting from my recent collaboration with Alina Quu was used in a performance by Lindsey Kelley Dance. The event was a huge success. Sold out both nights.

excerpt from eidetic

choreography by Janice Lancaster Larsen

LINDSEY KELLEY DANCE - performed by Amy Borskey, Lindsey Kelley Brewer, Kala Hildebrand, Alexis Miller - at the Masonic Temple, Asheville, NC March 20, 2015

music by Alina Quu and Chris Stack

Robert Rich House Concerts

Robert Rich synth setup

Robert recently gave two very inspiring performances for the Streamside house concert series. Photos and videos [here]


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